Should You Put Salt, Sand, or Kitty Litter in Your Winter Emergency Kit?

If you live in a city where it snows a lot during the winter, you probably have heard of using salt to get your car unstuck from snow and ice. To stay safe, you want to have something in your car like this too, but are there other things besides salt?

Sand can be used as well. Sand does not dissolve like salt, so it will provide a lot of grittiness and dryness to help your tire get some traction. Kitty litter dries up the area around the tire, which greatly increases traction. If you are trying to save money, get sand or kitty litter. They are much less expensive than salt.

Contact our team at Piazza Mitsubishi if you have any questions about which one will work the best for you in your winter emergency kit. Be sure to include jumper cables, blankets, and food in your car's winter emergency kit as well for safe seasonal driving.

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