Why is Your Exhaust Leaking?

Your exhaust plays a bigger role in your car than you think. When your engine is running, it is creating tons of gasses that are harmful to humans. The role of your car's exhaust is to remove those gasses from your engine and divert them away from the cabin of the car. Without it, there are serious health risks that could be possible. That is why our team at Piazza Mitsubishi want to ensure that you know some basic signs that it may be leaking.

First, if you should ever hear a hissing or popping sound in your exhaust, this may be the sign of a leak. Also, if you notice very reduced gas mileage on your vehicle, this may be another sign of a leak. If you have any additional questions about your exhaust or need other automotive work performed, feel free to give us a call at the Piazza Mitsubishi auto repair shop in Reading, PA today!

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