Avoid Winter Vehicle Damage by Keeping the Gas Tank Full

Wintertime can come with its own set of surprises. The cold temperatures can very well take a quick toll on your vehicle. For drivers wishing to avoid damage to their fuel line, keeping your tank full can assist you.

Whether the temperature reaches a freezing point or stays above it, small drops of condensation quickly develop. When your take is not full, the condensation has time to sit or freeze. So what exactly does this mean? The frozen drops of condensation can easily become lodged in your fuel line. This will prevent the oil from properly reaching your engine. The results can vary in cost and repair extent. However, the frustration is all the same.

Take the advice from our team at Piazza Mitsubishi and avoid letting your tank reach low levels. When given a chance, fill your fuel tank up to prevent condensation build up. By adding additional fuel to your tank, you can save your vehicle from winter fuel damage. You can take advantage of more seasonal maintenance tips here at 3814 Pottsville Pike today!

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