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Mitsubishi Servicing and Repairs in Reading, PA

If you're in need of professional Mitsubishi servicing and repairs in Reading, PA, we welcome you to join us in our service center at Piazza Mitsubishi. We're committed to providing Mitsubishi drivers from all over Allentown and Lancaster with the fast, convenient and expert Mitsubishi maintenance and repairs that they need to keep their vehicles in like new condition for longer. 

From routine maintenance like oil changes and tire rotations to brake repairs and exhaust work, if there's anything affecting the performance or appearance of your Mitsubishi vehicle and you need auto service near Pottstown or Laureldale, PA, we welcome you to schedule a service appointment online or come see us in our service center today.

Oil Changes in Reading, PA

When was the last time you got your oil changed? Oil changes are one of the most important and inexpensive ways that you can keep your vehicle performing at a high level for longer. While it varies between vehicles what the recommended mileage traveled between each oil change may be, it's important that you stick to the suggested mileage intervals laid out in your owner's manual to keep your engine performing at its best for the many miles ahead. 

Your motor oil has three main functions. The first is to protect your engine from dirt and debris both in the air and on the road from finding its way into your engine bay. The motor oil catches it before it can damage the many moving components and filters it out through the oil filter. The motor oil is also responsible for cooling and lubricating those many moving parts to help your engine perform at the highest level. When you wait too long to change your oil, it can leave your engine vulnerable to get dirty and damaged, as well as susceptible to overheating. Rather than pay for an expensive engine repair, we encourage you to get your oil changed in Reading, PA as soon as you get near the recommended mileage for your next oil change.

Tire Rotations in Reading, PA

Regardless of what kind of vehicle you drive, if you need a tire rotation, we're happy to perform it for you. There are a few ways to tell if your vehicle is in need of an oil change. Because the front tires tend to get worn out before the rear tires do, simply inspecting the tread is an easy way to tell if it's time to rotate your tires. 

You can also tell if your tires make a chirping noise when you turn a corner, indicating that there isn't enough tread on them anymore. During a tire rotation, we switch the front tires with the back tires, promoting equal tire wear over time and extending the lifespan of your tires while also improving the overall performance of your vehicle.

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Brake Repairs in Reading, PA

Do your brakes make noise when you apply the brake pedal? Whether it's screeching, squeaking or even a grinding noise, all are easy to diagnose signs that your brakes need to be serviced or repaired. The brake pads are the first component to go, and if they aren't replaced on time, it can start to affect the drums and calipers. 

Instead of waiting for the entire brake system to fail, we can perform brake maintenance or replacements to get your brakes back to stopping on a dime again in no time.

Schedule a Service Appointment Online at Piazza Mitsubishi!

Regardless of what's affecting your vehicle, we're here to take care of it for you. Our technicians specialize in all things Mitsubishi and we have the experience, genuine parts and the latest tools to get any issue diagnosed and fixed quicker and more conveniently than ever. If you need Mitsubishi service near Allentown and Lancaster, we invite you to schedule a service appointment online or come see us at Piazza Mitsubishi in our service center today.



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